The new Airborne Equipment & Parachute Maintenance Facility managed by NAVFAC EURAFSWA is intended to provide facilities to support the transformation of the US Army, which will enhance their power projection ca-pability in accordance with US military strate-gies. The facility includes a drying tower, packing area, parachute repair and mainte-nance area, storage, shipping/staging and covered loading area. A separate parking lot and a pedestrian walkway lined with native trees guiding visitors between the parking lot and the Parachute Shop was included in the project. The total construction cost for this project was $5.6 million.

Michael-Bruno produced architectural, electri-cal, mechanical and structural in English and Italian according to current US and Italian standards, including the Aviano Design Guide, UFC, and DoD AT/FP requirements. The team prepared comprehensive engineering drawings and specifications using SPECSINTACT for both the site and the building to achieve a LEED Silver Certification. This project also entailed site improvements and utilities con-nections, including construction of an electrical substation necessary to service the new build-ing. Michael-Bruno performed evaluations, surveys, and prepared the necessary docu-mentation for demolition and environmen-tal/hazmat services related to removal of the ITAF facility that formerly occupied the con-struction site. This was done in coordination with the local health authority ASL (Azienda Sanitarie Locali).

Sustainable/LEED Design
Michael-Bruno’s LEED team prepared Energy Models for the new facility as well as oversaw the requirements of the Green Building Com-mission to meet the Silver LEED design re-quirements. The team reviewed the natural resources of the site and locale and recom-mended alternative energy, material resources, recommended plantings, indoor air recommendations and water saving technolo-gies. Michael-Bruno made several significant recommendations to enable this project to achieve LEED Silver and use all 5 categories of LEED. Key strategies include a heat recov-ery system in the parachute drying tower and the use of storm-water for irrigation and plumb-ing, which helped to achieve 30% savings in both energy and water usage for the facility. These strategies take advantage of inherent features of the building program and local cli-mate to help the owner meet their goals for sustainability while maintaining the desired character of both the region and the air base as a whole.

These services were provided to develop in-frastructure elements necessary for operational and maintenance support.


Cost Control

  • Michael-Bruno worked closely with the DB partner to insure a design-to-budget end product, while maintaining controls to meet the Silver LEED requirement of the project.
  • Our cost estimate team performed Europe-wide market research to find the best ma-terials at the lowest price. By example, we found that ordering material from Southern Italian regions, rather than those in the North, reduced the overall cost by 12%.

Quality of Work

  • Given this was one of the first U.S. military Silver LEED projects in Europe, NAVFAC ROICC Northern Italy was extremely pleased with the design, particularly elec-trical and mechanical.
  • This job set the stage for Michael-Bruno to be called upon to provide civil design and host nation authority for a second NAVFAC EURAFSWA-managed, Silver LEED pro-ject at Aviano Airbase, the U.S. Air Froce Air Support Operations Squadron Facility, which began construction in January 2012.

Compliance with Perfomance Schedules

  • Michael-Bruno was called into this project two months after award. Our team was able to provide a fast-track design, recov-ering time and allowing the BD construction partner to begin foundation work to recover lost time.


  • Designed to Silver LEED specifications and requirements
  • Engineering studies for feasibility in accordance with Green Building Council and Host Nation costs of sustainability requirements
  • Utilized SPECSINTACT; Dr. Checks  Project design in duel language, utilizing metric systems
  • Designed-to-Budget
  • Compliance withal U.S. and Host Nation codes; as well as IBC, UFC, NFPA, and base design guide

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USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base
USAFE Airborne Equipment Parachute Shop Aviano Air Base