Michael-Bruno, LLC was the first US business to open an office in Djibouti, with the official ribbon cutting by Ambassador W. Stuart Symington in July 2007.
Michael-Bruno (Djibouti) has since gone on to develop an excellent relationship with the U.S. Embassy, USAID, Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (JTF-HOA), and the U.S. Navy. The company also works closely with local authorities, like the Djibouti Chamber of Commerce, to ensure fair trade and promote employment of local nationals.
In recent months, Michael-Bruno has provided architectural design, engineering, and construction management services for several on-site projects including:

  • Bilate Bridge Engineering Study/Renovation – Ethiopia – JTF-HOA
  • Contractor Camp – Camp Lemonier – Djibouti – PAE/Lockheed Martin
  • Motor Vehicles Maintenance Bldg – Camp Lemonier – Djibouti – PAE/Lockheed Martin
  • Inchcape/DHL Building – Djibouti City – Inchcape International
  • Expanded Berthing Facilities – Camp Lemonier - Djibouti – PAE/Lockheed Martin
  • Bldg 212 Renovations – Camp Lemonier – Djibouti – PAE/Lockheed Martin
  • Armory Demolition/Construction – Camp Lemonier – Djibouti – PAE/Lockheed Martin
  • Abadir School Renovations – Ethiopia – JTF-HOA
  • Bathroom Renovations – Camp Lemonier – Djibouti – PAE/Lockheed Martin
  • Mining platforms, roads, pier extension, conveyor systems, living and dining facilities – Lac Assal – Salt Investment, LLC

Michael-Bruno is well known in Djibouti. Our local staff understands not only the technical aspects but also the political environment of the country. As the only international design (A/E) team in the country, Michael-Bruno Djibouti has established its own production group and shop in the country’s designated Free Zone.

For major projects, such as the ones MB has recently completed at Camp Lemonier for Lockheed Martin/PAE, the local MB staff obtained the technical backup of the Michael-Bruno’s Europe/SW Asia Operations Office, based out of Naples, Italy. The MB office in Europe is located five minutes away from the NAVFAC Europe/SW Asia regional headquarters, which manages all activities for the geographical area from Iceland to the Horn of Africa. The Michael-Bruno office in Italy is also staffed with technical teams exclusively dedicated to perform design/engineering work for the U.S. government.

Teaming with various prime contractors to provide design and construction management, Michael-Bruno has recently participated in four successful government competitions in Djibouti, a proud 100% success rate.
Our operations in Africa and the Middle East are managed from the local Michael-Bruno office, located at Suite 24, PO Box 6424, Djibouti Free Zone. Our facility includes private offices, conference room, workstations for architectural design, engineering, and administrative functions. Michael-Bruno Djibouti also disposes of a full production center equipped with a plotter, multiple printers, internal computer network and high-speed internet. The technicians operating out of the Michael-Bruno office in Djibouti dispose of a variety of technical software, including Archicad 9 and Autocad 2008. The Djibouti technical staff consists of registered professional architects and engineers from the US, France, Italy, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. If you wish to contact the Michael-Bruno office in Djibouti, you may telephone (00253) 35 09 96 / 35 98 32,
Fax: (00253) 35 99 27, or e-mail: michaelb@mb-global.com.

All Djibouti government contracts go through Michael Sedge (michaelb@mb-global.com) at Michael-Bruno, LLC, or through the Michael-Bruno Europe/SW Asia Headquarters in Naples, Italy. All RFPs will also be sent to Mr. Sedge for evaluation and response. Once negotiations and a project contract is in place, the work is forwarded to the Technical Director of Operations and to a Project Manager. An inhouse project team, including quality control and schedule manager, will be established in Djibouti before work begins.

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