Michael Sedge, president of the Michael-Bruno Group of Companies, was presented the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Regional Vice President’s Medal this week at the SAME-NAVFAC EURAFSWA Government-Industry Engagement Forum, held in Naples, Italy.

“You have put a great deal of dedication and effort into making this event a reality and expanding partnership between contractors and government in this region,” said SAME Executive Director, Brig. Gen. Joseph “Joe” Schroedel (Ret). “Mike is an example of our ‘Deeds not Words’ theme.”

Over the past three years Sedge has been a champion in establishing SAME Field Chapters in Naples and Rota, Spain, as well as the SAME Group in Djibouti and providing support to the SAME Field Chapter in Bahrain. In addition to being an Assistant Vice President of SAME in Europe, Mr. Sedge is the International Committee SAME leader for EURAFSWA.

Sedge Receives SAME Regional Vice President’s Medal