For two years Michael-Bruno has provided the Camp Lemonnier FFSC with a highly-skilled Receptionist/Intercultural Relations Educator (R/ICR-E) to work in and for the facility in support of operations and program service delivery to military personnel. The FFSC required a person to answer incoming telephone calls to the center and direct those calls to the intended recipient, provide information and referral(s) regarding programs, services and classes offered through the center, requires a person who can effectively take messages and relay those messages to the proper staff member, and who can make appointments for customers with professional staff. The center required someone who could work professionally and effectively greet and serve customers who walk-in seeking information and referral, and to assist those with appointments waiting to be seen. The center required a person who could properly establish appointments for customers with staff of the center. Additionally, the FFSC-CLDJ required an Intercultural Relations Educator that would teach and instruct Camp personnel on a regular basis about the culture, norms, morals, and customs of the host nation (Djibouti) and surrounding areas. The R/ICR-E was required to be very knowledgeable of the religious, tribal, the do’s and don’ts within the society, the cultural standards in regards to relationships between the sexes, marriage, intimacy, and dating, the interaction and attitudes toward foreigners and the cultural expectations. They must also be familiar with any possible dangers and potential ‘pitfalls’ that exist within the society and Djibouti as a whole and possess a good working knowledge of the City of Djibouti and the surrounding areas and be very familiar with how to navigate the business, organizational, and governmental aspects of the country. The R/ICR-E must speak fluent English, French, and Somali and have a good understanding and familiarization of the American culture and military norms, values, and culture. The contractor should possess the knowledge and ability to develop and instruct/teach classes on intercultural relations and awareness. They should have experience in curriculum development, able to teach and organize effectively, and the ability to answer and field a large array of questions concerning the host nation, American and Djiboutian cultural and societal differences, and be a self-starter and initiator. They must have a working knowledge of computers, telephone systems, power point, and be able to articulate in both in speaking and writing, as well as, to effectively communicate with Americans.

Michael-Bruno’s R/ICR-E performs a wide range of services for the FFSC:

- Receptionist duties to include answering telephones, taking messages, giving messages to intended recipient(s), giving out referral and information to customers for FFSC services, and calling back or speaking to customers for follow-up. The Contractor will also participate in greater FFSC function and duties and will also participate in staff or other meetings, planning, and program/curriculum development sessions.
- Develop curriculum on intercultural relations and awareness regarding the host nation of Djibouti, its customs, societal norms and morals, religious practices, government and business navigations, and the threats and dangers within the culture, city, nation, and the do’s and don’ts when interacting with the local nationals. This curriculum will be modified, updated, improved, and added to as needed or required by the Site Lead based on customer feedback, survey results, and/or staff/Site Lead observation.

- Keep up with changing and emerging trends in social/cultural attitudes of both the American and Djiboutian societies.

- Effectively and clearly teach and instruct others (Americans and tenants commands) on this curriculum and instruction.

- Teach four or more classes and present INDOC monthly or as required in the area of Intercultural Relations and Awareness.

- Attend local, regional, or other workshops, conferences, trainings, and/or meetings in the area of ICR-E or for other center support purposes.