Three-year, multi-tasking contract awarded to Michael-Bruno in September 2009 to provide professional engineering services at NSA Bahrain, Isa Air Base, Navy Det. Jebel Ali (UAE) as well as support in other geographical areas such as Jordan, Oman, and Lebanon. Our team of engineers has developed design packages, specifications, feasibility and engineering studies, budgets, schedules, proposal packages, bid reviews and selections, vetted proposed contractors, provided project oversight, construction management, and final acceptance of over 250 projects over the past 29 months..


Recent Team Experience
Over the past 29 months, Michael-Bruno’s team of electrical, structural, and civil engi-neers have provided unlimited professional engineering technical expertise to NAVFAC EURAFSWA, by way of NSA Bahrain Public Works Department, in support of Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Defense De-pendent Schools (DoDDS), U.S. Air Force Central Command (USAFCENT), U.S. Army, Central Command (CENTCOM), Bureau of Personnel (BUPERS), U.S. Naval Chief of Op-erations (CNO), U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM), and Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA).

At any given moment, engineers are engaged in no less than 43-87 individual projects as well as combined efforts throughout the area 
of responsibility. By example, here is a weekly list of projects, by criteria, during the month of January 2012:

Electrical Projects
WR: F55SJ – Replace existing electric meters in NSA
WR: C3NSV – Central fire alarm notification for AV UNIT
WR: FJ4D8 – Install LAPW at bldg-488 at AV UNIT
WR: GBL6G – Extend lightening protection rod at NSAWR: GCXCJ - Jebel Ali ELMR Antenna Installation
WR: GDSLX - Security improvements for Bldf 6000 at Shaikh ISA base
WR: GFLLT - Renovate bldg-19
WR: 5014760 - Provide and install gates at bay-1, BANZ
WR: 4999699 - Provide and install (2ea) mist fans at harbor patrol unit
WR: 5257146 - Provide power to MTOC an-tenna TSCIF at Shaikh ISA air base
WR: 5014732 – A/E study for b-262 electrical-HVAC systems
WR: 1155144 - NAVCENT NRL Facility power distribution, b-260, NSA, Bahrain
WR: 1156256 - Renovate b-6201, and add RLBs for library, at Shaikh ISA Air Base
WR: 1156289 - Upgrade requirements for BANZ warehouse bay 2 and bay 9.

Electrical Project Management activity:

WR: F6KWF – Perform a utility survey at bldg 260, NAVCENT
WR: DCRST – Engineering study for ELMR shelter installation
WR: G6LMZ - UPS installation at bldg-196
WR: FZSFY - Request site support in the BANZ warehouse bay-3, NGA
WR: F74MB - Replace high voltage RMU for P2, P3, P4, P8 substations
WR: F8BHD – Electrical main panel mainte-nance at bldg-267
WR: DS8SX – Electrical survey of P911 in-cluding all electrical panel
MACC 0005 – Backup generators at DODD’S school 

Civil Projects
WR: FCYK9 – Install shelving’s and racks inside Bay-3 at bldg-420
WR: G4F3J – bldg 70 GYM renovation
WR: GH39P – Repair structural damages at bldg-62
WR: GGJ2V – install fire rated doors between banz bay-3 and banz bay-8
WR: G83W8 – Marcent tent city at shaikh isa air base
WR: F54RG – Repair asphalt erosion on back-side of b-460, at AV-UNIT
WR: 5014756 – Install fence in Banz bay-10
WR: G54FV – Drainage improvement at SIAB flight line
WR: 5520841 – Water distribution system repair at Shaikh ISA Base
WR: 5499964 – Construct concrete pad for an-tenna
WR: 5499939 – Provide armory for QUAY 9 at Jabel Ali
WR: 5595256 – Installation of reverse osmosis unit at Shaikh ISA Base
WR: GH425 – Modify water supply line and sewage tank at Jabel ALI
WR: 5828400 – Basketball court shade at Jabel ALI
WR: 5742778 – Floating piper repair at Jabel ALI
WR: GH34W – ECP external stairway at Jabel ALI
WR: 5031485 – ECP shade protection at Jabel ALI

Civil Project Management Activity:

WR: 5222959 – Install 3 offices RLBs unit at Shaikh ISA base
WR: 5015187 – Muse Generator infrastructure Shaikh ISA base
WR: 5051274 – Provide MWR RLBs at Jabel Ali
WR: G6353 – Provide clamshells at Shaikh ISA base
WR: GKS7S – Install services in Banz Bay-3
WR: FZSFY – site support at banz bay-3 (civil design) 
WR: FFHK4 – Install mezzanine and shelving inside Bay-3 at bldg-420 (Support to PM) 
WR: D3WNJ – NSA Bahrain fire system pro-jects (Support to PM) 
WR: GFK9H – Flood damages at various bldgs at NSA
WR: G54LL – flood damages at various bldg at NSA
WR: G55BL – flood damages at various bldg at NSA
WR: G55ND – Flood damages at various bldg at NSA
WR: FBWB3 – Expand Gym into Gear Issue for MWR at bldg 261
WR: D3YSM – Request for cost estimate for range relocation
WR: GDPGS – Demolish 55 AIR Force tents at Shaikh ISA Base
WR: G242C – Flood damages at various bldgs at NSA
WR: FJFKY – Service works at Banz bay-1
WR: GDSLX – Security improvements for B-6000 at SIAB (civil works)
WR: GFLLT - Renovate bldg-19 (civil works)
WR: 5031507 – Provide portable security shades at Jabel ALI
WR: GH646 – Relocate fire hydrant near WR at Quay 9 Jabel ALI

Construction Management Projects
CN: N33191–09-D-0120 - Isa AB D-B Utilities Improvement Project
CN: N33191-06-D-1276 - Isa AB Grounding & Ready Locker Project 
CN: N33191-07-D-1276 - Isa AB Aircraft Ramp Striping Project
CN: N33191-09-D-0120-0010 - NSA VA Unit Fire Deficiency Project PAK Project
CN: N33191-09-D-0121-0023 - Isa AB D-B Fire Protection Improvements Project


  • Design and PCAS Services
  • Engineering Services
  • New Construction, Renovations, Upgrades
  • Program Management  Real Estate Planning and Acquisition
  • Host Nation Interface
  • Environmental Management Support
  • National Law, Norms and Regulation Expertise

Engineering Support Services Bahrain
Engineering Support Services Bahrain