Michael-Bruno ranks first among architect-engineering (AE) firms working for the United States government within the Europe-Africa-Soutwest Asia (EURAFSWA) region, based on a review of AE task orders issued during the past year.

“Michael-Bruno has worked hard to become a reliable and respected AE firm for NAVFAC and USACE design, engineering, and construction management, throughout the region,” said company president, Michael Sedge. “It is not by chance that we own sister companies in key locations like Bahrain, Djibouti and Italy.”

During FY17, acting as a prime and/or subcontractor, Michael-Bruno fulfilled 10 task orders in Djibouti, 11 in Bahrain, six in Italy, and single contracts in Spain and Greece. Some of their work also included turn-key, design-build construction projects, working as a subcontractor to US or European companies.

Sedge added that, “We understand the value of having local presence within a region to fully understand and comply with issues such as international codes, materials, and host nation compliance, in addition to meeting the government’s requirements for US and UFC. Facilitating all these needs into a single, comprehensive design package is often challenging. Our in-country experience and knowledge helps ease the burden and, we believe, results in return business.”