Description: MED is a cinema complex composed of 11 movies screnes, a large reception area with two bars located inside the hall, an outdoor garden and a large area in front of ticket office, two outdoor fast-food points and an automatic car and motorcycle parking area. Michael-Bruno, under its former name, Studio Tecnico di Giuseppe Bruno, was responsible for engineering studied as well as lighting and electrical system design.

Special lighting features include an fiber optic design, linked to the sound system of the main movie screne, on the exterior of the building. As the music of the film increases or decreases in intensity, the lighting system changes color and movement. Interior side, lighting system emphasizes all wall details and interior walkway.

The facilities include:
• 11 sound-proof screening rooms with 2,740 seating capacity
• 1,200 Sq. Meters of hall, with two bar decks
• 2,000 Sq. Meters of garden
• 840 Sq. Meters of waiting area
• two fast-food areas which occupy 750 Sq. Meters of space
• an Internet café with eight terminal stations
• above and underground parking areas for 500 vehicles

Under this contract we also completed feasibility studies and developed construction documents. The largest feasibility study involved the evaluation of local impact to the environment and local infrastructure.

Our team of Italian engineers and architects provided all specifications, material listings, and documentation in accordance with European norms.

The success of this project lead to contracts for two additional Italian cinema complexes—“Happy”, located in Afragola (Naples) and “BIG”, situation in the city of Caserta.

MED Multiplex Cinema
MED Multiplex Cinema
MED Multiplex Cinema
MED Multiplex Cinema