The United States Navy, Bahrain, has issued a five-year contract, managed and supported by Michael-Bruno, to the Dubai-based MACEC Group, to provide temporary backup solutions to supply power to mission critical infrastructure. Among the supported utilities of the $10.6 million award are chillers for critical server room and UPS rooms.
“This is a concrete which directly supports and keeps the war fighter operational,” explained Giuseppe Bruno, the Director Responsible for the new contract and Michael-Bruno Vice President. “Because of its importance, the projects involved are high-profile and critical.”
The five-year contract statement of work describes service to design, deliver, setup and maintain hot standby temporary backup power solutions, and power distribution system, including Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Bypass Switch, Electrical Distribution Panels and all other materials and labor to these services.

Michael-Bruno, LLC, is a U.S. small business. It has worked in Bahrain since 2009 and established Michael and Bruno Consulting WLL there in 2014. They also own companies in Africa and Europe.