The US Army’s Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP) is a collection of efforts aimed at modernizing antiquated, costly and maintenance-intensive legacy telecommunications infrastructure. I3MP plays an important role in Army Knowledge Management, an integral part of Army operational and force transformation objectives. Michael-Bruno was contracted to troubleshoot this critical project after the prime contractor, Telecom Italia, fell behind schedule. Our insight into telecommunications infrastructure, military methods, and Italian and US design requirements transformed the project, allowing the Army to successfully meet its project objectives and priority schedule requirements at this installation.The $11M I3MP Italy 2 network upgrades at Camp Darby included:

  • Engineering of 27 kilometers of underground trenching around existing infrastructure and hazards;
  • Installation of over 300 kilometers of new fiber and copper cabling, and state-of-the-art, high speed communications data switches; and
  • Improvements to voice communication and information technology systems, and infrastructure.

Michael Bruno’s engineering and architectural design tasks required incorporation of both US and local codes, and standards in the following areas: Review, evaluation, and management of project designs and specifications; systems integration with existing electrical and communications infrastructure; red-line design updates and change requests; safety training; construction scheduling and management; quality assurance/quality control; coordination between DPW and building owners; compliance support for Italian certification/standards; and production of final as-built drawings. This year-long effort required constant collaboration with PM DCS, Europe (Mannheim, Germany), as well as the US Army Contracting Office in Ft. Monmouth, NJ.


  • Systems analyses and upgrades to critical telecommunications infrastructure
  • Compliance with US and Italian laws and regulations

Camp Darby/Livorno Depot, Italy
Camp Darby/Livorno Depot, Italy