Michael-Bruno holds the contract for the Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Cultural and Community Affairs Specialist (CCAS).

The CCAS provide Cam Lemonnier leadership with analysis of and insight into local culture, politics, and policies. Furthermore, he assists in the design and implementation of strategies to engage key leaders in the community. The CCAS provides guidance and assistance in the work relations Camp Lemonnier has with local community, the Djiboutian government and armed forces, and French Forces based in Djibouti.

Our CCAS holds a Bachelor’s degree and advanced or professional degree. He also is able to communicate clearly and effectively in written and spoken English and French as well as Djibouti’s local languages, including Arabic, Afar, Asaas, or Somali.

The CCAS is a senior advisor to the Camp Lemonnier command staff. He provides subject matter expertise on local customs, politics, and language that U.S. personnel cannot provide. He is responsible for analyzing local customs, politics and trends for the benefit of Camp Lemonnier. Specifically, our Cultural and Community Affairs Specialist is relied upon to:

a. Think critically and help develop innovative strategies to support positive U.S.—Djiboutian relations

b. In coordination with Camp Lemonnier personnel, engage with top Djiboutian civil and military leaders to further the interests of Camp Lemonnier and increase the working and social relationships between Camp Lemonnier command staff and Djiboutian leaders

c. Possess and maintain strong working relationships with top Djiboutian government, military and community leaders

d. Possess and maintain strong working relationships with international and Djiboutian newspaper, TV, and radio outlets; including La Nation, RTD, Djibouti newswire, Al Qarn, BBC, and VOA Somali services

e. Monitor and analyze local and international media for impact on Host nation relations by providing daily reviews of local and international press, internet media outlets, and broadcast agencies

f. In coordination with PAO, draft press releases to local media

g. Possess a working knowledge of U.S. Embassy, U.S. Navy and Joint commands, including departments and their equivalent counterparts in Djiboutian government and civil agencies

h. Compile and submit to the Public Affairs Officer a weekly list of community relations undertaken by Camp Lemonnier

i. Advise on all issues involving Djiboutian government including, but not limited to, business, labor, culture and customs

j. Provide interpretations and analysis of local and regional community and government actions

k. Propose, design, plan, and implement community and key leader high-impact outreach programs and projects

l. Analyze and assist in addressing local concerns regarding Camp Lemonnier

Cultural and Community Affairs Specialist for Camp Lemonnier
Cultural and Community Affairs Specialist for Camp Lemonnier
Cultural and Community Affairs Specialist for Camp Lemonnier