Three-year, multi-tasking contract awarded to Michael-Bruno in September 2010 to provide professional engineering services throughout East Africa. Our team has developed design packages, specifications, feasibility and engineering studies, budgets, schedules, proposal packages, bid reviews and selections, vetted pro-posed contractors, provided project oversight, construction management, and final acceptance of over 40 projects in the past 17 month, covering Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maritius, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.


Recent Team Experience
The best way to describe the work under this contract is “challenging.” Each day Michael-Bruno’s engineers face a new challenge in dealing with design and construction in East Africa; to include not only technical issues, but those of environment (risk of tribal war, political unrest, disease and infestation, to name but a few). Our engineers have met this challenge, becoming an integrated part of the CJTF-HOA J34 team. In a short time they have become veterans of dealing and working with construction contractors in Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maritius, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda—providing support not only to J34 but SeaBee Field Units, NAVFAC EURAFSWA, and USAID.
Based on the performance of Michael-Bruno, CJTF-HOA has required additional back-office support, to include electrical, mechanical, and architectural services. These additional pro-fessionals will allow J34 to tackle all and any technical challenges faced in East Africa.

Sustainable Designs in Africa
Michael-Bruno engineer, despite the challenges, are taking advantage of the resources in East Africa to apply sustainable design and construction practices where possible. For in-stance, in completed projects:
Tanzania: (2) Dispendary Water Catchments (Rain Harvesting Systems)
Ethiopia: AdabaBushello (6) Stall Latrine (Uti-lizing Nuform Technology)
Djibouti: Camp Lemonnier Demonstration Build-ing (Utilizing Frame Cad Technology)

And future projects:

Djibouti: Kalaf Clinic (3 Buildings Equipped with a 5000Watt Solar Farm)

Tanzania: Mwera Health Center (To be de-signed utilizing alternate construction methods and materials such as "nuform")


Projects are wide-and-varied under this contract. Recent examples include:

Djibouti: DJ-11-03-01 Ardo Health Clinic

The process initiated with several conceptual designs, primarily focusing on cost savings and reduction in construction complexities from en-gineering to quality control efforts required on the contractor's behalf. It was then opted to proceed with final construction designs of a three tier building configuration incorporating the retaining wall oundation within the structure as the rear wall. Additional components were introduced within the design from a serious of troughs, curtain drains and slope adjustments within the site plan to address potential water issues. The package which consists in a total of three sheets was incorporated with the statement of work for solicitation.

Djibouti: Tactical Training Facility
On 2011-04-26 we were requested to provide design support for the NMCB-74NMCB-5 for a Tactical Training Facility or shoot house. A total of 2 sheets were prepared in support of this pro-ject. This consisted in a coversheet; structural notes and building layout and details.

Ethiopia: ET-10-01-2 Gende Garade School
RafterTruss Design - The revision consisted in extending the original rafter design by 76.2mm (3"). Upon our review we determine that the orig-inal design was inadequate and would have re-sulted in failure without the requested of the modification. With the lack of historical records we were unable to determine the 
engineering record of design. We proceeded in redesigning the rafter to a truss utilizing the pro-posed members within the original design. This was requested by the Seabees as the materials were already purchased. This modification will impact the project with a cost plus figure. 

Ethiopia: ET-11-02-1 Negele Borena Bridge
Preliminary design activity has provided bridge configurations for a 4 foot wide pedestrian bridge and a 12'-6" wide vehicular bridge. The vehicular bridge is a bailey- type double single rated at military load class 40 (20-ton wheeled truck) or, two axle straight body panel truck. This equates to AASHTO H20 Loading. Higher load carrying capability will require a triple-single or double-double bridge configuration. Final design configurations will require input from military staff.

Ethiopia: Jema Neguse Water Supply
After a thorough site visit by J-34s country engi-neer Michael-Bruno was asked to produce de-signs in support of this project. A total of (3) 5000lt water cisterns will be provided in two separate location; each equipped with a future well operated by a manual hand pump. The (3) tanks will be tied in together to the pump for dis-tribution and storage. Each tank equipped with overfillspillway which will also serve as a pres-sure release. Engineering computations were completed for the slab design. The package in-cluded details for the mechanical, architectural and structural portions of the project.

Kenya: KE-07-21-1 Mpeketoni Secondary School

The project was terminated back in 2011-02-04 for performance issues as the contract was ini-tially issued on 2008-07-08. Remaining work which consists in the construction of the boysgirls latrines will be completed by J-34 and the Seabees. A complete design package was prepared in support of the product. This included all the necessary architectural and structural de-tails necessary for construction.

Manda Bay, Kenya: DFAC
Design support was provided to CJTF J-34 En-gineers on 2010-12-20 for the new Manda Bay DFAC. Instructions were provided to produce three (3) additional floor plans that would address health and mechanical related issues foreseen in the original design provided by HDR. The additional configurations included: Two Individual Facilities (ServeryDining and Galley); Single Facility L Shape Configuration and Single Facility T Shape. The project was returned on 2010-12-21.

Manda Bay, Kenya: Fuel ShelterScat
J-34 Engineering is currently in the process of designing a new structure for Camp Simba Manda Bay, Kenya. The (15.00mt x 20.00mt x 5mt) structure is to serve as open bay semi rigid metal frame structure for the protection of three fifteen thousand gallon diesel and one ten thou-sand gallon unleaded fuel stations. The structure is compromised of metal members available to the local market such as 65x65x5 Tube Steel, W6x15 I-Beams and corrugated steel sheathing. A total of eight independent footings will serve as the foundation. All designing and engineering is being handled by Craig Robinson and Shaun Bush. The anticipated competition date is ex-pected for 2011-03-21.

Comoros: KM-06-02-1 Adda Secondary School 
We were tasked by the country engineer to pro-vide design support for the construction of the new building. A Section and Floor Plan was pro-vided by the contractor but lacked the rein-forcement detail. ColumnBeam and Footing di-mensions were verified structurally. Only the beam required revisions to the total dimension that was increased from 20x60 to 30x60 centi-meters. Reinforcement details were calculated and drafted for the contractor use.


  • Contingency Design and PCAS Services
  • Sustainable Designs
  • New Construction, Renovations, Upgrades
  • Work with Host Nation Military and Political Leaders
  • Projects Include Barracks, Clinics, Schools, Public Structures, Military Facilities, etc.  Handle Hazmat, Waste Assessment, Surveys, Geotechnical Investigations, Storm Draining Systems, and various other East African, contingency option challenges
  •  Knowledge and Insight into all CJTF-HOA AOR

Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa Engineering Support to J34 Division East Africa