Michael-Bruno was required to provide all labor, supervision, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, management, and other items and services necessary to perform the site assessment and design of the school renovation at Abadir, Ethiopia, in accordance with applicable government regulations. 

The site assessment work included but was not limited to: travel to Abadir, Ethiopia; site assessment; meeting with J-34 Engineer; and meeting with Ethiopian Ministry of Education personnel. 

The design work included the following delive-rables, but was not limited to:

  • Site plan including elevation drawings
  • Roof plan including ceiling attachments and construction details for roof
  • Windows/doors/millwork details
  • Plumbing and Electrical details including wire and plumbing routing
  • Design matched existing architecture where possible
  • Design was adapted to local construction materials available for Ethiopia
  • All drawings were provided electronically in AutoCADD 2000 and PDF format
  • One full size set of prints was also provided.


  • A-E services to rehabilitate and upgrade this public school structure in Abadir, Ethiopia, as part of the USAID project package for this East African nation
  • Technical/Engineering Studies; Project Design; Utility Systems; Cost Estimate  Worked with city authorities and public school officials to ensure integration of their requirements in the design package
  • Recommended measures to enhance sustainability including design, policy and institutional improvements

Abadir School Renovation, Abadir, Ethiopia
Abadir School Renovation, Abadir, Ethiopia