Djibouti, Africa, May 2, 2017 - U.S. Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, on a recent trip to the Horn of Africa, congratulated Michael-Bruno employee Idriss Aden as one of the longest members of the “military family” at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti. A Senior Performance Assessment Representative (PAR), under the installation Public Works Department, Aden has worked at the U.S. Navy installation since 2002 and, for the past 10 years, has been an employment of Michael-Bruno, LLC. According to Aden, it was an unexpected honor to meet and speak with the Secretary of Defense for simply “doing my job.” But as Michael-Bruno president, Michael Sedge, points out, “Idriss is one of the most humble individuals I have ever met. It is a pleasure to have him on our team, not only for his professionalism, but his desire to do the best job possible without concern for recognition or merit. He is an excellent example of what an employee should be.” Michael-Bruno, which provides architectural design, engineering services, construction management and professional staffing, was the first U.S. company to establish themselves as a Djibouti corporation in 2007. Since that time the firm has supported over 22 separate contracts in East Africa and more than 120 individual task orders.